4th Quarter of 2021 Sabbath School Study Guide Introduction

4th Quarter of 2021 Sabbath School Study Guide Introduction - Present Truth in Deuteronomy

The topic for this quarter is Present Truth in Deuteronomy. It is believed that King Josiah tore His clothes when the book of Deuteronomy was read to Him because He and His people were not doing what was written in it. Deuteronomy comes from the Latin word, Deuteronomium which means “second law”.

This law was given to the people of Israel as they prepared to cross into Canaan. They wandered in the wilderness for 40 years till some went in. It can be related to the world’s present condition now, we are waiting for the promised land (a much better one) and while we hope to enter into that promised land this book of the law must influence the way we do things so we can partake in God’s kingdom.

Here is an outline of the weekly lesson topics for this quarter:

WEEK Lesson’S TOPIC Period
1 Preamble to Deuteronomy September 25 – October 1
2 Moses’ History Lesson October 2 – 8
3 The Everlasting Covenant October 9 – 15
4 To love the Lord your God October 16 – 22
5 The Stranger in your Gates October 23 – 29
6 For What Nation Is There so Great? October 30 – November 25
7 Law and Grace November 6 – 12
8 Choose Life November 13 – 19
9 Turn Their Hearts November 20 – 26
10 Remember, Do Not Forget November 27 – December 3
11 Deuteronomy in the Later Writings December 4 – 10
12 Deuteronomy in the New Testament December 11 – 17
13 The Resurrection of Moses December 18 – 24


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